Wedding Planner


A bespoken service for your special day.


Vernissage Viaggeventi is at your service to select with a particular care to details, the right location for your

Weddin Day and the able hands of the Chef that will delight the palate of your guests. 

Your Wedding Planner will create the right atmosphere to sublimate your needs choosing the

colors of the flowers, the background music, the soft lighting of candles with the scents of the

Orient on a delicate petals carpet. 

Your Wedding Day will become a fairy tale, perfectly organized by the experience of your

 Wedding Planner. 

With a tailor made service, you will relax waiting the most important day of your life. 

Vernissage Viaggeventi will be at your service following you, step by step, from the ceremony till the organization

of your fantastic honeymoon, to realize your

dream in Italy.